Inclusive, Accessible Communication

Inclusion + Access = Human Centric Practices Ever wonder what you have to change to be more inclusive? Your content more accessible? Your world more human centric? Relax. The good (actually awesome) news is that when you shift your lens to human centric practices, the quality and efficacy of pretty much everything you do improves.Continue reading “Inclusive, Accessible Communication”

Learning Out Loud: A Manifesto

Karen Caldwell, October 27, 2022 I recently stumbled on powerful advice for the busy mind: if you’re overthinking, write; if you’re underthinking, read. To you, dear reader, I say, it’s time to go beyond writing & reading and mobilize your thinking either way. Mobilize by learning out loud. Learning out loud (LOL) is about makingContinue reading “Learning Out Loud: A Manifesto”