Dr. Karen Caldwell

Allow me to introduce myself

I’m Karen and I’m thrilled to welcome you to itchybrain.ca!

The purpose of this site is to learn out loud. My TEDx talk explains more but for now, the point is that I have an itchy brain and I want to share my learning journey… which has truly been lifelong.

5-year-old Karen
5-year-old Karen (with booger)

I’ve lived & breathed teaching & learning since my exhilarating first day of school. And I want to know how it all works.

Like you, I’ve had a unique & special relationship with learning especially, and share my love story in this brief (10-minute) video tale.

As an adult learning specialist, I explore the exploding world cognitive science, including the science or learning. As an aging & curious soul, I learn out loud, ask lots of questions, & connect with folks just like you.

This site is always going to be in progress and I hope you’ll reach out and join in the learning out loud process.

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