Open education leads to learning for me and for you. If you use any of the resources here, please give appropriate credit (attribution, citation).

Inclusive & Accessible Teaching & Learning

An overview article and links to great resources to get you started!

Digital “How To”

Getting Started: Create an e-book

Want to get started with creating some digital content but not sure how? Try an e-book and you’ll feel like a digital media savant! This brief e-book, create an e-book using PowerPoint, walks you through the steps to get you started with creating an e-book as a PDF.

Learn & Connect: Create an e-portfolio!

I’ve discovered that an e-portfolio serves many purposes, and at its core is learning. Every time I teach with e-portfolios (as an assignment) or update my own, I learn a ton. And so do my students. Check out the site I put together to help you get started. It’s for learners and educators.

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